About Brother Jed?

Brother Jed represents Authentic Living.

We say authentic because life's too short. It represents who you are and how you live your life. And simply approaching life with a good attitude can inspire positive energy from others as well.

While there is much chaos in the world we can choose how it affects us. Gossip, politics, greed, etc. We can choose to take part in the negativity or we can choose to not let it affect us. A simple approach to this is just to smile all the while putting a smile on someone else's face as well. This is our goal with the Brother Jed brand, the "Thumbs Up" and the "Smile" with Jed's hat on backwards with the Sun shining represents an attitude of being able to truly kick back and be happy. We hope when you wear a Brother Jed product it not only puts a smile on your face, but inspires others to smile as well.

Brother Jed is a brand dedicated to our brother, Jed who had the most amazing drive to live life to the fullest and recognize those brief moments we all seem to let pass. A portion of our sales are donated to causes in promoting good heart health. As without a good beat we can’t live life to the fullest like our brother, JED.

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